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Welcome to the Lina 6. We are a family like most others living in the United States joined the freedom that comes with that. Our family consists of me, my husband, two sons, and two daughters.

Overall, we are a typical American family. We homeschool, go to church, enjoy spending time with friends and family, and just enjoy being with one another. With a simple life on a small farm that we inherited from my parents years ago. Everyone in the family works together, plays together, in shares and responsibilities of farming and life.

Growing up in a large family myself, then raising my children to where they are now, I feel I’ve become a little bit of an expert in what it takes to parent children effectively. I don’t claim to know it all, but I feel my kids have turned out pretty well.

On this website, I will be discussing many of the parenting ideas that I have followed with my children over the years that have produced great results. I hope you will follow along and give your input about what has worked for you and did not work for you over the years. Come back often for new articles and new ideas.